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So I recently heard of this crazy phenomenon going on right now with Himalayan Salt Lamps. It’s like everybody is talking about them and I’m seeing them all over my social media accounts. I am literally seeing them everywhere.

So I had to know, are these things for real?

I had to find out. So here’s my opinion on the matter.

First off, these orange/pink lamps are used for a variety of claimed health benefits, but they are also an amazing home decor piece.

According to some scientific support, there are many benefits to using such lamps.

This includes everything from making you feel better to reducing the EMF radiation commonly produced by modern home electronics.

They go as far as claim that they help asthma, allergies and even airborne particulates.

Clearly, there has to be some validity to this if everybody is going nuts about them.

Now, I know what you must be thinking This is some complete hippy-dippy B.S..

Sure, that’s what I thought too, until I had my own experience with them.

I mean, thousands of customers couldn’t be wrong, could they?

And if you don’t feel like I can discuss the “hippy-dippy” things, I live near Boulder, Colorado.

You can’t imagine the amount of woo-woo-haha new age stuff I see in nearly all the stores.

It’s absurd, but some of it certainly works. In case you’re wondering, I did just coin that term (woo-woo-haha).

In case you haven’t been to Boulder: its filled with crystal shops, alternative new-age healing rituals, apothecaries, and some strange strange people. Friendly, but strange.

A shop in Boulder, CO

After moving near Boulder, I realized there is a whole market for products that really have some pretty high claims.

But for the price, it can’t be that bad so I figured I would give it a shot.

So what is this Himalayan Salt Lamp anyway?

Obviously, before I can begin to discuss what happened, I need to explain what these things are.

Contrary to popular wisdom, the salt is actually not sea salt, but it is salt mined deep in a mine near the Himalayas called the Khewra Salt mines.

It’s located a the northeast corner of Pakistan and is the primary source of all the Himalayan rock salt. This is actually pure crystalline rock salt.

The basic idea behind this rock salt is that it purifies, and refreshes your air, but also acts as a great home decor item.

The warm glow emitted from these lamps is very calming and beautiful. And it’s even a bit romantic. My husband doesn’t seem to mind ;).

Are these things even safe?

In case this is referring to the recall in early 2017, one of these products was recalled. The company that produced them mentioned that the dimmer switch would overheat and ignite and cause a fire.

This is why it’s important to buy a lamp from a reputable seller, such as Origin Salt.

The dimmer switches sold on this site are all UL listed and are the modernized version that won’t catch fire.

If safety is a big issue for you, make sure it doesn’t get wet and always make sure you check it daily as a good maintenance practice.

Check for moisture build up, corrosion or tears of the cord near the bulb. Never used a damaged electrical item. These items are electrical, so use it like any other electric item.

Always inspect your lamp, follow good handling procedures and make sure you replace them every 6-12 months as they can absorb a ton of water. This is explained in the article about Hygroscopy found here.

Also each lamp is 100% natural and unique so make sure you read the descriptions because some lamps are of lower quality.

Where do I buy them?

The lamps I recommend and chose to purchase are found right here on this website. Yes, I’m an Origin Salt customer too. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.

The lamps are sourced from a responsible manufacturer and have high quality salt, bulbs, bases and cords. Of course, there are other brands available, this one has been vetted and quality assured.

Ok…So What are the Benefits?

So there is a ton of hype around this and I’ll do my best to explain how I see the benefits. This is based on what I’ve gathered around the web. I did the hard work for you :).

Basically, salt lamps release something called negative ions.

These negative ions bind with the positive ions floating around in the air. Most of the positive ions are dust and allergens and things like that. Because of the charges, the negative ions and positive ions collide, dropping the airborne particulates.

In another article found here, the author mentions the concept of Hygroscopy. I’m not going to go too far into it because it’s sciency and stuff. But anyway, it’s the idea that the salt lamp attracts moisture.

This is why it sometimes sweats too. In this moisture is trapped dust particles. This is another way it cleans the air.

And of course, you get a ton of other benefits that are mentioned everywhere on this website. Here’s a short summary:

  • May Improve Mood, Concentration, & Help Manage Anxiety
  • May help Reduces Allergy & Asthma Symptoms
  • May Eases Coughing
  • May Increases Energy Levels
  • May Neutralizes Electromagnetic Radiation
  • May help with Better Sleep
  • May Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • May Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

You’re probably wondering why all of the above has the word May in front of it. Well, it’s mostly because I don’t want to make any promises, but more so because science has yet to catch up to these amazing lamps.

At the time I was super skeptical about all these claims.

Ok. It’s a lamp, I get it. But now this lamp has health properties? Come on!

But after I kept reading I started to read people’s reviews about the lamps and I found some amazing things. All the claims I was reading about were some of the results real customers experienced.

It’s crazy, but true. All it took was some poking around the reviews to really see how these ordinary lamps were changing people’s lives.

Fine. I’ll be open minded. I mean really, what do I have to lose, it’s just a lamp!

When I finally received the lamps, they arrived in perfect condition. I got 3 large lamps for my house.

I picked one up and it was rather heavy. The weight on the website is true to the actual weight I received. It’s literally pure rock salt.

After opening the box I took the lamp out of the packaging and brushed off any excess salt.

I set it on the table and turned it on. Honestly, I was pretty shocked at how it glowed. It was really pretty.

The colors on it were a hue of orange and pink. it has these beautiful stripes on it that just make it look raw, rugged and natural. Truly a piece of art in its own right.

Oh and the best part is that it came with the dimmer switch. The switch let me make the lamp nice and dim so i can actually sleep with it just glowing.

Days 1-3

After having it on for the first days, I was always awed at how pretty it looked. I noticed, too, that it got warm to the touch.

I guess that’s how you know it’s working. I’ve noticed so far that I’m falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. I really haven’t felt this rested for a while.

Usually, my head is stuffy, and I have trouble breathing when I wake up. For the first couple nights, I actually felt pretty darn good.

No stuffy nose, just feeling good all around.

My husband has a tough time sleeping too and suffers from allergies to dust.

I asked him to let me know if he notices anything too.


Days 4

Ok so as I’m writing this, I just wanted to quickly mention something. I just had some friends leave my house and when they were here they kept telling me how fresh my house smells.

They kept mentioning that my house just smells fresh. Kinda like when you are in a forest or on top of a mountain. Like pure fresh air. I got so excited about this. Nobody ever really told me that my house smells fresh.

I mean, I haven’t really been feeling different, so that kinda sucked, but at least I knew my house smelled fresh. Plus, like I said before, I really like how the lamp glows. It is a nice ambience. Again, my husband doesn’t mind :P.

Days 5-7

Ok so I’ve been reading that the lamp needs to stay on all the time. One of the things I was doing was turning mine on and off. I only turn mine off when I am leaving my house, otherwise it’s on when I’m home.

I certainly noticed a fresher smell in my house too, but still I didn’t feel much different. Like I said, I am sleeping a bit better, but who knows.

Maybe I was using it wrong, but I doubt it.

I searched about how to use the lamp, and I was using it just fine.

Sometimes the benefits come in a week, sometimes longer. It just depends on the size of your space and the amount of lamps you purchased. There is apparently a recommended amount of salt per square foot.

The recommendation is 2lbs for every 10 square feet. The bigger the room, the more salt lamps you need in each room.

Days 8-10

So the later parts of my test I still don’t feel much different. The glow is nice, the lamp is pretty, but my body doesn’t feel too different. My husband did, however, mention that his headaches were decreased. I think it’s because we are both sleeping better with the lamps in our room.

We bought a couple more for our house to increase the effect. They arrived, again, in perfect condition and quickly too. So far, they are all really nice. We now have 3 in our downstairs area and 3 in our bedroom.

They really warm up the room when they are on. But, my quest was to figure out what, if anything, would happen when I bought my very own salt lamp.

So What Happened…?

Honestly, I’m convinced they clean the air, but I don’t know about the other health claims. They certainly make me feel better. But who knows, I would like to give it more time to see if anything does indeed change. I am staying optimistic.

At the very least, they can’t hurt to have around the house.


Despite the claims not being validated, I am convinced something is happening because more people have commented on my house smelling fresh. Trust me, it didn’t smell fresh before.

This may not be the case for everybody, but I’m sure other people experience even greater effects.

So what’s the verdict? What’s my final conclusion?

Well, I would recommend them to a friend becuase they really just make a cool gift. Plus, I love the fact that I am sharing a piece of the Himalayas with somebody. It’s just cool to have a crystal like this in the house. Really unique.

Would I buy more? I would say yes. They are pretty cool and I really am enjoying having them around everywhere. If anything, they brighten my mood up significantly because of their warm glow. They also make a great night light. I’m completely happy with them.

My final conclusion about them from an effect standpoint is that it’s just inconclusive. I want more data to come out. But hey, it may work for some people. In fact, if you look at some of the reviews, it’s pretty remarkable what people say about the lamps.  And there are even studies in Russia of people using Halotherapy with some serious results. I’m talking like huge health achievements. Really, having these things around would not hurt, but you need to find out for yourself to really know.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Origin Salt or any Origin Salt brands. Examples of benefits within this article are only examples portrayed by our reviews and by our customers. They should not be utilized in real-world medical, or health applications. Always consult your physician prior to ceasing or starting any therapy. Knowledge and information is based only on very limited and dated open source information provided by anecdotal evidence. Assumptions made within the content are not reflective of the position of Origin Salt.

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