Himalayan Salt Lamps: 7 Powerful Benefits of Having Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are a perfect way to experience the powerful and far-reaching benefits of Himalayan pink salts and improve your home atmosphere.

For the better part of a decade, we’ve enjoyed the benefits of Himalayan pink salts, salt lamps being one of the most notable mediums used for receiving the benefits of this incredible mineral.

But this amazing gift from nature doesn’t just work as a nice, calming source of light, a Himalayan salt lamp offers several significant health-related benefits as well.

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What is a Himalayan salt lamp?

A Himalayan salt lamp is a block of crystallized rock salt, often no larger than your average vase, which has had an opening carved out from the inside to house a light bulb. It sits on a stand just as any ordinary lamp and emits a soothing, soft glow through the rock salt.

Rock salt, which forms crystals when it is pressurized for long periods of time within the Earth, is found throughout the world, particularly in Europe and parts of the Middle East. The Himalayan mountains are home to a unique form of salt crystal–Himalayan pink salt. It’s from this precious treasure which Himalayan salt lamps are made.

The Himalayan pink salt which is used to create these salt lamps was formed deep within the Earth over two hundred million years ago–long before humans were even around. It’s this natural method of preservation, in part, that has allowed Himalayan pink salt to develop such unique and beneficial properties.

A Short History of Himalayan Pink Salt

To say that Himalayan pink salt is ancient would be an understatement. For over two hundred million years the Salt Range hill system located near the Himalayas which houses this incredible rock salt has gone virtually untouched.

The pink salt used in Himalayan salt lamps is mined at the Khewra Salt Mine in Khewra, Pakistan, which is situated in the foothills of the Salt Range system in the Punjab province of the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

For years, Geologists have been interested in the Salt Range due to the wealth of information which exists within the rocks there, which includes one of the most complete geological sequences on the planet, dating from the early Cambrian period over 500 million years ago to the Pleistocene Epoch some 11,000 years ago.

In 1849, Dr. Warth–a British mining engineer intent on reaching the salt deposits within the Salt Range–invented a new mining technique called the “pillar and chamber” technique that allowed his team to mine the hills in a safe and sustainable way.

Today, over 150 years later, the precious Himalayan pink salt at Khewra is still mined regularly, with the mine having grown to over 40 square miles in length.

How do Himalayan Salt Lamps work?

Salt is hygroscopic.

Fancy sounding term, I know, but it means simply that the surface of the salt attracts water molecules to itself.

Why is this important? Water vapor, which is constantly around us in our home and elsewhere, can carry harmful air pollutants like mold, allergens, and bacteria.

Here’s the theory: when water vapor is attracted to the lamp, it dries out due to the heat of the lamp, retaining the pollutants and thereby cleansing the air. This process is repeated and thereby continually cleanses the air of these harmful pollutants.

This process is also said to release negative ions into the air. However, this is still yet to be proven by science. Salt lamps may or may not release negative ions in the air.

What’s so special about these negative ions? Negative ions are said to be able to combat the effects of positive ions and produce a variety of beneficial effects by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in greater alertness, reduced drowsiness, and increased energy.

Throughout our day-to-day life, we’re continually coming in contact with harmful positive ions. Positive ions are created through several factors including electrical appliances, power lines, and subterranean sources.

These positive ions can then negatively affect our health in a variety of ways. The negative ions created in nature and through Himalayan salt lamps are said to help negate these positive ions, resulting in a variety of health benefits:

1. Could reduce nausea and headaches

Several studies have shown evidence of the positives effects from negative ionization (the release of negative ions into the air).

A study conducted in 1981 by researchers at the University of Surrey in England found that the air typically found in office environments has fewer negative ions as compared to outside and particularly in nature.

They conducted a study to find out what effect the introduction of additional negative ions into the office environment would have on the office workers. Surprisingly, they found that the exercise reduced symptoms of stuffiness, nausea, and headaches over a 12-week period.1

2. Could Cleanse & purify the air in your home or office

Himalayan salt lamps hold several powerful benefits, but of all the incredible benefits, the ability to cleanse the air of harmful pollutants is likely to be at the top of that list for most.

As mentioned earlier, the hygroscopic quality of salt lamps may help to remove pollutants such as bacteria and mold from the air. This process may allow the salt lamp to continually purify the air alongside providing a soothing, calming glow in your home.

3. Could reduce allergies and asthma symptoms

In addition to cleansing the air, Himalayan salt lamps may help reduce allergies and even the symptoms of asthma.

For several years, salt therapy has been used to treat symptoms of asthma. Several studies have reported benefits of salt therapy for treating asthma as well as bronchitis and cystic fibrosis. According to Lunginstitute.com, “Some people have found salt therapy to be an effective option for relieving symptoms of lung disease, resulting in easier breathing.” However, this is a clinically supervised salt therapy and is not related to salt lamps.

*Interesting fact: Himalayan pink salt has even begun to be used in some asthma inhalers.

And for those who suffer from seasonal allergies, a Himalayan salt lamp could be the perfect source of relief. That’s because, in addition to help treat symptoms of asthma, the hygroscopic process of salt lamps may allow for the removal of harmful particles in the air which are the primary cause of allergies.

4. May improve mood and increase energy levels

In addition to some of the more obvious health benefits discussed thus far, salt lamps may even help boost your mood and energy levels.

The pinkish-orange hue which is emitted from the Himalayan salt lamp is a color commonly used in color therapy treatment to help calm mood and increase focus and energy.

In addition, negative ions increase oxygen to the brain, which can increase energy levels and improve mood.3

If you’re looking to buy a night lamp for your bedroom, a Himalayan salt lamp is the perfect combination of soft glowing light with powerful calming effects.

5. May Improve sleep

A study published by the Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences found that negative ions have the ability to positively affect our circadian rhythm.4

Melatonin, an important chemical produced by the brain, is what prepares our body for sleep.

However, blue light, created by electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and T.V. sets tricks our mind into thinking that it’s still light outside, which halts the production of melatonin in the brain and affects the quality of your sleep.

Orange light, however, is the perfect hue for inducing sleepiness and calm while helping to cancel some of the effect from the blue light created by our numerous gadgets and improving the quality of our sleep.

6. Could reduce electromagnetic radiation and airborne infections

I wish I could say the detriment of our electronic devices ended with blue light. Unfortunately, there’s more. However, Himalayan salt lamps may just be an answer to this challenge as well.

Electromagnetic radiation isn’t a topic that will be stealing headlines anytime soon, however, many of the electronic devices around us today–including smartphones and computers–give off electromagnetic radiation in the form of positive ions.

This radiation is believed to cause fatigue, reduced immune function, as well as an increase in stress among other things. However, this is just the beginning.

Researchers have found that long-term exposure to low levels of such radiation can cause serious health complications including cancer and Alzheimer’s.5

However, there’s good news. Negative ions, which you can easily expose yourself to more of with a simple walk in nature or by keeping a salt lamp in your home, may help negate the effects of these positive ions and reduce the negative health effects of electromagnetic radiation.

7. Could treat seasonal affective disorder

A review on negative ionization published by Exponent, Inc. in the journal BMC Psychiatry, found that several studies documented a reduction in depression symptoms connected with higher concentrations of negative ionization.

The review also discovered an improvement in seasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder characterized by depression that occurs at the same time each year.

Seasonal affective disorder tends to occur during the winter, as the stronger summer sun rays produce more negative ions as opposed to winter. In this way, negative ionizers may be simulating the conditions of summer.1

Experience authentic Himalayan salt lamps

There are a lot of imitation salt lamp products out there, so it’s important to know you’re getting the real deal, otherwise it’s no better than your average bedroom lamp and you’ll be missing out on all the wonderful benefits that Himalayan salt lamps can offer.

That’s why, after years of benefiting from the power of Himalayan pink salt and salt lamps in our own homes, we decided to found Origin Salt.

With Origin Salt, you know you’re in safe hands. We work directly with one of the biggest mines in the world within Pakistan to source the Himalayan pink salt for our lamps, so you know you’re getting 100% real Himalayan salt.

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