What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp

From an outsider’s perspective, they may just look like decorative lights, but Himalayan salt lamps have become an increasingly popular fixture in homes and spas today, because of their unique appearance.

These small lamps are carved out of pink Himalayan salt and have been reported by our customers to do everything from cleaning the air in your home to helping your sleep.

So, what exactly are Himalayan salt lamps and why do our customers love them? Here’s everything you need to know about these salt lamps and how they may just change your life for the better.

What Exactly is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

A Himalayan salt lamp is made out of crystalized pink Himalayan rock salt. Real pink Himalayan salt is rare, as it is excavated from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. While there are many replicas of Himalayan Salt lamps that you may find in home furnishing stores, the real pink Himalayan Salt lamps are much more difficult to come by—yet these are the ones that are going to deliver the real benefits.

Once you have an authentic piece of Himalayan Salt Rock, the bottom of this block of salt is then carved out and a bulb is placed inside. Once lit, these lamps emit a warm, glowing pink light that many find soothing. These lamps, also called salt lamps or salt rock lamps, are typically like pink or pinkish orange in color due to the high concentration of minerals in the salt block.

On the surface, these lights function just like any other house lamp. And many people enjoy these lights because of the unique ambiance it creates. However, because this lamp emits negative ions into the air it can do so much more than light up your space and give it a welcoming glow.

How Does the Salt Lamp Work?

So, why exactly does this lamp do so much more than your everyday house light? This is all theoretical, but it could be true!

Well, this salt lamp might work by attracting water molecules. These molecules can carry things like allergens, mold and bacteria, which is why these lamps are so popular for those with allergies. Once these molecules contact the Himalayan salt lamp, the pollutants are said to be trapped in the salt.

This is where the lamp portion comes in.


Since the lamp is heated, it begins to sweat the water vapor that it has attracted.  The water vapor is released back into the air, but the pollutants remain trapped in the salt rock.

The combination of the heat against the rock salt also creates an ionization effect. Therefore, when the lamp releases this water vapor it also releases negative ions into the air—where they release what are known as negative ions.

The process continues over and over again, because salt is hygroscopic, and will always attract water molecules from the air. Whenever the lamp is on, it will continue to absorb polluted water vapor in your environment then sweat away purified water vapor. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find the outside of your lamp to be damp when it has been on for a while.

This entire process not only removes negative elements from the surrounding air, but the salt and negative ions released into the air can also bring about some great benefits of their own.

Negative Ions

Negative ions can help balance out all of the positive ions that we interact with on a daily basis. These are all of the harmful particles and free radicals many of us inhale on an everyday basis. Positive ions also carry thing like mold, viruses and bacteria. Negative ions attach to these positive ions and help protect people from their harmful impacts.

Positive ions can be generated by things like air conditioners, electronics and dryers. In our home, we have so many positive ion generators—but not any negative ion generators.

Fortunately, a Himalayan salt lamp could act as its very own negative ion generator. It’s yet to be proven, but it’s certainly a possibility.

In addition to combating positive ions, negative ions can help give use a natural boost of energy, help with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), reduce nausea and headaches, improve alertness can may help improve oxygen flow throughout the body. They also may help revitalize cell metabolism, purify the blood, enhance immune function, balance the nervous system, help you get better sleep and promote healthy digestion.


While many people turn to Himalayan salt lamps for the negative ions—the salt itself should not be dismissed. According to the Lung Institute, there are a number of outstanding health benefits that come with salt. In general, salt can:

  • Act as an anti-inflammatory agent
  • Possess antibacterial properties
  • Reduce immune system oversensitivity by reducing IgE levels
  • Loosen mucus
  • Remove air bone pollen and other pathogens

The salt is also essential to the process of removing harmful pathogens from the air as it is what attracts polluted water molecules in the first place, plus it can help add to some of the great health benefits that accompany these lamps.

What Health Benefits Can You Expect From Himalayan Salt lamps?

While many do enjoy the beauty and ambiance provided by these Himalayan salt lamps, they are most commonly utilized for their unique health benefits. With all of these elements of the Himalayan salt lamp working together, those who use this light regularly report the following benefits. These are just customer reports.


Purified Air

One of the top reasons people invest in Himalayan salt lamps is for their air-purification features. Simply put, cleaner air in your home is better for you and these lamps can help purify the air throughout your indoor living space.

If you have allergies or are worried about mold, bacteria, dirt or dander impacting the air inside your home, these salt lamps can help remove these particles. By attracting water vapor, the Himalayan salt lamp is also able to trap in these indoor air pollutants.

This purification cycle only works when the lamp is on, so it is important to keep the lamp running to enjoy the benefits.

Improved Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

The salt and negative ions that are released from these lamps come with their own healing powers, but so does the light emitted from these lamps. Himalayan salt lamps have become increasingly popular for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and depression, especially those who are using light therapy to help alleviate their symptoms.

These lamps give off a soft orange-pink light that is known for helping with stress reduction and relaxation. This has to do, in great part, with the hue that these lamps emit—as oranges and pinks are used in color therapy to help induce relaxation.

The negative ions emitted from these lamps is also thought to help combat the effects of SAD, which is why many people use these lamps, particularly in the winter to help alleviate their symptoms.

Boosted Mood and Better Sleep

Thanks to the soothing orange and pink hue of these salt lamps, along with the negative ions emitted from these lights, a Himalayan salt lamp can help reduce anxiety symptoms, and boost your mood. The negative ions given off by this lamp can also help reduce anxiety symptoms and create a relaxing atmosphere in your room that can help you get to sleep faster.

Plus, when the negative ions get into your bloodstream, it can help increase that mood-boosting chemical serotonin and help relieve stress, boost energy and alleviate depression symptoms.

Fewer Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Asthma and allergy sufferers report that they enjoy relief from their symptoms with this Himalayan salt lamps. In fact, Himalayan salt is actually used in inhalers to help bring allergy relief and salt therapies are used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in many patients.

Also, by potentially removing things like dirt, dander, dust and mold from the air, many people suffering from allergies also get relief with their Himalayan salt lamps.

Those beautiful Himalayan salt lamps are more than just a stylish piece of home décor, they can actually help improve and change your home, your health and your life. To learn more about Himalayan salt lamps or to invest in one for your home or office, click here.


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