Every day around the world people use different type of electronics and get a lot of stress. Some researches say that Himalayan Salt Lamps can help in that situation. This is how the idea of Origin Salt has been born. We just thought that it would be great to spread the word about the amazing benefits of all type of Himalayan Salt products. You can benefit from all that this 250 million old mountain has gathered for all these years.

The increasing popularity of Himalayan Salt is because of its natural ionizing properties when it is heated – there is a process called evaporation which produces negative ions which counterbalance the positive ions in the atmosphere, thereby cleansing the air of impurities and doing some other great things.

Did you know that the Himalayan salt has more 84 minerals? And even some elements that are essential for the human body.

You are in safe hands, because we are working with one of biggest Pakistan mine in the world which is preparing all of our products directly from the underground of the big Himalayan mountain. This gives us the opportunity to control the quality and be sure that you will get 100% Real Himalayan product.

And also all of our products that have cords are UL certified for your own safety.

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