5 Facts to Consider Before Buying A Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Maybe you’re toying with the idea of investing in a Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamp but have decided to do a bit of research before your purchase.

Wise choice.

It’s always good to know if a product will fit your lifestyle and your needs before spending your money.

Salt Rocks have gained a tremendous amount of publicity as society turns back towards a more natural and holistic way of living, having salt in the air is known to be a health booster.

There is now plenty of scientific evidence to prove it, and we’ve all experienced how fresh sea air can clear out the airways, or help with sinuses and allergy problems. Even the Polish salt miners were known to have fewer pulmonary health issues than the general population.

So your vision of investing in a salt rock has many valid points, yet there are a few things to consider before purchasing your Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp:

1. Where Do You Live?

Before we consider where you live, let’s start with a brief science lesson.

All matter is made of up of molecules, the air, water, even your body.

Molecules are atoms with three parts: a proton, electron and a neutron.

The protons are positively charged, the electrons have a negative charge, and the neutrons, as their name states are neutral with no charge.

Each stable molecule has a positively charged nucleus with negatively charged electrons in something called an electron cloud.

However, occasionally an electron will go flying off leaving the molecule unbalanced. We then have a positively-charged ion with a mission to fill its vacant spot. These positive ions are what are known as “free radicals”. There is documented evidence that free radicals in the air cause an abundance of health issues, including cancer.

Here’s where location comes into play.

In nature, positive and negative molecules are usually balanced.

Clean country air has been measured as having a count of 2000-4000 negative ions per cubic centimeter, with a slightly lower level of positive ions, which is a good thing. Whereas city air has a lower level of negative ions, a bad thing. Unfortunately, the majority of our communities and population are built around cities.

The theory behind Himalayan crystal rock salt lamps is that negative ions in emits will bond with the positive ions in the atmosphere, neutralizing them before they can affect the molecules in your body. If you’re not living in the country, well, you will want to consider purchasing some salt rock lamps for your home.


2. How Many Electronic Devices Do You Have in Your Home?

You may not know this, but you are most likely living in a metaphorical land of electromagnetic radiation.

If your home has a television, computer, cell phone, tablet or any other electrical appliance or gadget you are emitting EM radiation. You may not see them, but they are there. Invisible rays with serious, long-term side effects also known to cause chronic fatigue, increase stress, and decreased immunity.

Himalayan crystal rock lamps may neutralize electromagnetic radiation as they emit negative ions in the air around them. Keeping one next to the computer, television or any other area that is frequently used could protect you and your family.


3. What Size is the Room?

The biggest factors to consider before your purchases are the size of the room and the size of the lamp.

With Himalayan salt lamps, your coverage area is determined by the size of the crystal, the heavier the lamp, the broader its ionization properties are. Therefore, the bigger the room, the bigger the lamp should be, or the more lamps you should have. Spreading multiple lamps around a room has been shown to yield the greatest effect as it produces a nice balanced ion air flow.

  • This is just our opinion: For small bedrooms, approximately 10 x 10 feet, you will want to use a 5-7 lbs salt lamp
  • For large bedrooms, approximately 12 x 12 feet, you will want to use a 9-11 lbs salt lamp
  • For living rooms, approximately 14 x 14 feet,  you will want to use a 12-15 lbs salt lamp (or 5-7lb lamps)
  • For large quarters, approximately 30 x 30 feet, you will want to use a 40-50 lbs salt lamp, or multiple lamps. (or 5 9-11lb lamps)

On average, you can calculate that one pound of Himalayan rock will help cleanse about a 4 x 4 foot sized area.  

4. The Color of Your Lamp

It is important to know a few things about the color of the lamp you choose.

The colors depend on what area the stones were mined on. Typical lamp color area white, pink, orange and red. You should take into consideration what ambiance you’d like to create.

Grey Himalayan salt lamps are very rare and emit the most light. For some, the white light is too bright, and they prefer a milder ambiance. For others, it brightens the room perfectly. White is said to represent healing, cleansing, and detoxification.

Pink salt rock lamps range between white and orange as far a light emittance. You will often find vendors using pink as it is appealing to the eye, and customers tend to really like this color. Pink is said to stimulate love, partnership, and emotions.

Orange lamps are the favored color among individuals. They give off the warmest glow and are not too bright or too dark. Orange activates the kidneys, bladder, and helps regulate the nervous system.

Red lamps are the darkest. They are extremely beautiful but can block most of the light from the bulb. This color is perfect if you prefer dark rooms and lamps. Red is said to activate the heart and promote circulation.

5. Your Environmental Footprint

Have you been looking into how you can live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Maybe you recycle or bring reusable bags to the grocery store. There are many ways to “go green”, and Himalayan Salt Rock Lamps are one of them.

The reserves from mining these lamps are minimal and are projected to last another 350 years at the current extraction rate. The base of the lamp is usually a sustainable wood source, and most lamps use a low wattage bulb. If you are trying to fill your life with sustainability and be more proactive with your environmental footprint, then this lamp is perfect for you.

If however, you simply are not into the health and environmental benefits a salt rock lamp can provide, or find it too “new-agey”, the mere beauty and esthetics alone of the Himalayan crystal rock salt lamp might allure you.


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