10 Great Health Centric Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s that time of the year again.

The smell of evergreen trees in the air, the cold sets in, and everyone is both a little bit happier that it’s the holidays while simultaneously freaking out because they haven’t bought their gifts yet…and Christmas is just around the corner.

By the way, you are ready….aren’t you?

Of course, you are. I’m sure you charted out a list, pre-planned, and purchased gifts for friends and family alike ages ago just like you had talked about doing last year.

…You didn’t buy your gifts yet, did you?

Don’t freak out because we’ve got you covered with some super cool and interesting Christmas gift ideas that would make anyone happy.

Each of the gifts below is original, useful, and offers awesome health benefits too. We hope you like them.

10 Great Health-Centric Holiday Gift Ideas

1. Himalayan pink salt

We had to start with the classic– Himalayan pink salt.

For those unfamiliar, Himalayan salt has several surprising and significant benefits, including increasing energy and reducing allergens.

But Himalayan pink salt isn’t just healthy for you, it tastes great as a table salt alternative and looks beautiful too.

Get a jar of our Himalayan salt here: Edible Himalayan Salt Jar

2. Organic Kombucha Starter Kit

Heard of Kombucha yet? If not, you will soon (or you have now? Yeah…).

Kombucha is quickly gaining popularity and it’s no surprise why. Being a fermented tea, Kombucha is high in a particularly powerful antioxidant called DSL (short for–deep breath– D-saccharic acid-1,4-lactone) and Vitamin C.

In addition, it has the ability to detoxify the body and protect the cells against damage, increase immune function, and reduce inflammation.

This little starter kit gives you literally everything you need to brew your first batch of this amazing wonder tea.

Get it here: The Organic Kombucha Starter Kit

3. Himalayan salt shot glasses

Yes, you heard that right. Himalayan salt shot glasses.

Seriously, you want unique? Have friends that love to drink (consciously, of course…)? This is something you can guarantee no one will have already got them this year.

The cool part about these Himalayan salt shot glasses is you don’t have to worry about mixing salt– the salt is already in the glass itself (obviously) and you can taste it when you place your mouth on it.

How cool is that?

Get it here: Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

4. Himalayan salt night light

Yes, we’re going from shot glasses to night lights.

We thought it was a great idea too, thanks for saying so.

Seriously, though, night lights are nearly essential for parents with young children so they make great gifts for any of your friends or family who are budding parents.

But, more than just being a simple night light, this is like a night light and a Himalayan salt lamp put together, so it won’t just light up the little one’s room but also help cleanse the air, reduce allergens, and help improve sleep quality for baby among other great benefits which makes it a killer Christmas gift for parents-to-be.

Get it here: Himalayan Salt Night Light

5. Self-Watering Organic Herb Kit

Voted one of Oprah’s favorites of 2015, self-watering organic herb planters are one of those ideas everyone wishes they had thought of– but didn’t.

For those you know might be interested in getting into gardening, this is the perfect kit to get them started. You can pick organic mint, parsley, basil, and more, they’ll set it up somewhere in their home with decent lighting and barely ever have to tend to it (that means no more repeatedly killing their plants– and you get to say you’re welcome).

On top of that, the colorful jars make for great decoration, especially in the sunlight.

Get it Here: Self-Watering Organic Herb Kit

6. Himalayan salt plate

Did you think we were done with zany and original Himalayan salt-related gift ideas? Nope.

If you’re wondering, yes this is actually a plate you can eat off of. However, it’s more common than you might think within the professional cooking world.

Similar to the shot glasses earlier, this is awesome because the Himalayan salt on the plate actually serves a function– in this case, the sale soaking into what is being cooked on top of it– so it can be the perfect compliment to dishes like fish and steak (hence why high-end chefs have been seen both cooking on and serving from salt blocks like this).

For those aspiring foodies or chef friends? Check.

Get it here: Himalayan Salt Plate

7. Essential Oil Pendant

Essential oils are huge right now.

If you haven’t already heard of them, you’re bound to soon because they’ve taken off due to their several reported therapeutic health benefits (and all you have to do is smell them!).

This pendant not only gives off the scent from various essential oils that can be placed inside (and easily changed), it looks awesome too. No use bothering taking time out of your busy schedule to benefit from this powerful health remedy, just reload your pendant and be on your way.

Get it Here: Essential Oil Pendant

8. Original Himalayan Salt Lamp

We couldn’t make this list without including the original Himalayan salt lamp. But you probably saw that coming, didn’t you?

We’ve mentioned a few of the incredible health benefits already, but the thing is, the various benefits to air quality that a Himalayan salt lamp provides (among other benefits) is a big deal and it’s becoming more important by the day as air quality in cities everywhere around the globe become worse.

And that’s not to mention their ability to increase energy and improve sleep quality, both critical in a world where we’re encouraged to overwork and under sleep.

But, honestly, I’d give them as gifts just based on how dang pretty they are.

Get it here: Himalayan Salt Lamp

9. Unique Himalayan Salt Lamps

Followed us for some time? Already a Himalayan salt lamp aficionado? That’s cool, so are we, so we went out and made a bunch of super cool and totally original new Himalayan salt lamps you’ve never seen before.

Like these, which look beautiful outside on your porch or backyard for a more earthy feel:

And these uniquely-shaped salt lamps that offer a more modern appeal for indoors:

10. USB salt lamp

OK, so we had to separate this last one because it’s just that awesome.

We’ve shown you a lot of amazing, original, and useful gift ideas so far and all with great health benefits. We’ve also, obviously, shown you a lot of awesome Himalayan salt lamps.

However, the USB salt lamp is like the past…and the future…combined. Head explodes.

With this USB salt lamp, you can get the incredible benefits of this 250-million-year-old mineral wherever you go (especially if you work from your computer) simply by plugging in the USB directly to your laptop.

Seriously, it’s a mobile Himalayan salt lamp. Talk about awesome?

Get it here: USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

No matter what you decide to get for your loved ones this year, we hope you have a happy, healthy, and joy-filled holiday.

Happy holidays!

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